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trying new things

Most of Europe was adjusting to a single currency called Euro and a girl band, including a not so well-known member called Beyonce, was topping the music charts singing about the independence of women. Meanwhile, in Portugal a group of individuals took on the defiant challenge of producing the country’s first extensive digital map. They did it and what started as a side project, became the company we all know as NDrive, that to this day keeps providing navigation software to millions of users worldwide.

Fast forwarding to 2015, NDrive earned the right to get a spinoff of its own, basically due to a big appetite to develop new features, experiment with new business models and take part on the development of our own maps. That’s how the idea of Karta came to be, not to replace or break away from NDrive, but to create something that is truly new and exciting and give it a chance to thrive on its own merits.

Karta is about making free beautiful apps,

which truly help the users make sense of the world around them

about KartaGPS

OpenStreetMap is a free provider of worldwide maps, it is basically the same concept of Wikipedia with all its pros and cons. Karta works on that basic canvas and enriches the maps with the data our team has been collecting throughout the years.We are continuously producing beautiful and detailed maps, which can compete with the best; they power the intuitive new software and get you moving with the aid of our very own routing technology.

about AutoBUD

Autobud is the reflection of our will to build new apps that can hold their own solely based on the value they add to the user. It works as sort of a black box for your car, by tracking your driving routine and helping you improve your driving, based on your economy and security performance statistics. The app uses the phone’s sensors to give useful feedback, allowing you to get a big picture of the time spent behind the wheel, while at the same time having fun with its social component and overall lightheartedness.

"Navigation will always be where our heart is,

going from A to B is not likely to lose its importance, but what about what’s between? What about where you are and where you want to be? That’s the question we seek to answer with our new software."
Karta Team